Multimedia Service

In this section you can find various services on the video, audio and digitization in general. The customer’s needs are top priority and ultimate satisfaction are the basis of our work. Our credo is to realize what the customer wants, proposing innovative projects we will create an ad hoc project for every single need.


Do not let your memories remain locked in a drawer, we at Established we can help you revive them performing a switch from analog to digital, performing conversions from old media to DVD or video restyling also damaged DVDs. We can perform simple spills, complete assemblies, copies and DVD restyling also damaged.

The reversal SIMPLE is to pour the film directly to DVD without any modification or installation media. The dubbing is done with cutting-edge software designed to capture images directly from the film, without the use of external techniques that could compromise the originality and resolution. The quality of the finished product will be the same as the original.

COMPLETE ASSEMBLY instead provides beyond the simple reversal also creating an interactive menu with preview thumbnails for scene selection, placement of securities and any soundtracks requested by the customer. The quality of the final product may be higher than the original.

The COPY AND RESTYLING DVD consists in the simple copy where they are needed Duplication in large quantities or in the restyling of old or damaged video dvd recovery.
Steps by:

Video 8> DVD
Restyling old video
Assembly video even from photos

WARNING: all materials provided must be privately owned and free from various copyrights. Applicants confirm the authorship of the material of which the conversion is requested or assembly through signing the appropriate form. NOT MAKING OF COPIES OF MATERIALS AND OUTPAYMENTS COVERED BY COPYRIGHT.

CREATION VIDEO SPOT . We also have the ability to create professional video commercials for companies or professionals making use of advanced software in the video editing industry.

Do you have any old tapes that do not want to just throw it to the many memories that bind you to them the contents of which may not only music, but dedications recorded on the radio, or audio tracks recorded between friends? Have you found in the attic these audio tapes and want to pour them? Good ! We can help you convert your content inside of USB sticks or CD or DVD.
We can perform scans of:
MC> CD / MP3
CD / DISK> mp3
45 RPM> CD / MP3
33 RPM> CD / MP3

CREATING AUDIO SPOT . We also have the ability to create professional audio commercials for companies or professionals making use of the latest generation software in the audio-editing industry.

With the advance of technology also photographic industry has made great strides, freeing us from the need to develop necessarily in print our photos of old rollers. Now everything works digitally. Today we take our photos (and without the use of an instant machine) we can see the image directly on the monitor of our mini digital camera, and if we do not like how it turned, the delete and riscattiamo. Of these shots we can make infinite use, fotoritoccare red eye, remove disturbing elements or simply create musical slide show cataloging your photos by Event. All this is fantastic, and it would be even nicer to do with old photos taken years ago, maybe even in black and white for which sad and humble fate is to remain inguardate for years, except occasionally in some box or photo albums certainly they have their charm and their own emotional prestige. However today with new digitizing techniques you can bring old paper photos or negatives and slides into digital. All in order to revive our memories on a TV, a PC, even renovating the old creating new pictures. We staff of Established we can help in this.

We can perform scans of:
– paper pictures
– negatives
– slides
– photo albums
we can perform restyling of old photos also ruined by time or create musical slide shows of your memories and your events.

With the digitization service can turn your paper documents into files, images or documents can be processed. We can create digital versions of various tools.

So we can digitize the paper:
– Books
– Brochures
– Newspapers
– Lists
– Catalogs
and more.

We can also create customized versions of:
– Virtual Catalogs
– Interactive Catalogs
– lists downloaded Electronics
– Electronic handwheel download
– Virtual Brochure
– Menu

They also maintain Typos and spelling revisions:
– Texts
– Thesis
– Treaties
– Books
– Lists
– Menu
And all much more.