Sites and Web Services


You’re either on the web or you’re not …. The website is your window into the world.
The Internet world grows exponentially each day more and more and more people are using the web looking for shops or services for their daily needs. Your website is your identity card at the national and international level, your curriculum vitae. Today not having a website means to close in the limited space of their city. If you’re not on the web in short, we’re not … do not expect cutting-edge technology, a website is your window into the world. Let everyone know about your services, your ad comes free of charge in the homes of each person with a website well made and in step with the times.
It presents for all your activities: shop, restaurant, pub, bar, hotel, hairdressers, palastra, pizzeria, beauty salon, solarium, etc through an open window to the world.
You can promote your business effectively because the web and social media allow you to reach large numbers of users. A website is the cheapest form of advertising. Because the spread of the Internet and e-commerce a lot of people are looking for products, shops, professionals, local restaurants and sitting comfortably at home. If you’re not on the web for many do not exist. With a website you can give all the information you want your potential customers, you can choose the best strategy to direct them towards you and your products because your show is not only a few minutes distractedly listened to the radio or on TV. The customer is exposed voluntarily and with no time limit and can stand on your window as long as you want. Having a website costs less than you think, visit our promotions page or section websites today and take advantage of our promotions or simply ask us a personalized estimate. We Established we will satisfy your needs and request with no commitment to purchase.
Internet there! Stay in step with the times …
The staff of Established, accompanies and guides the client during the implementation and management of its website, trying to snatch tastes and needs in order to create a successful site for you and your guiding you work in the choice of content through the evaluation and the definition of the objectives to be achieved because a website must also meet certain target their media communication such as immediacy in accessibility and usability as well as in visual appearance.
There are various types of websites, depending on its contents:

Site Business Card: Simple web presence, with a small investment Web Presence: For those who want to hold the investment and meanwhile evaluate the effects of their presence on the net

Site Basic: complete internet sites for those who want to have a significant presence on the net

Site Autogestibile: Complete Internet site aimed at those who need to frequently update the content of its site independently

Site E-commerce: pre-set platforms for those who want to experience the online sale of its products

Personalized Solution: fully customized site and tailored to the customer

Also we make it easy, and follow you in the future maintenance of your website through:
– Regular updates and occasional
– Recording and hosting fee
– Commissioning and optimization of the site
– Promotion and registration in search engines.
If you already have a website but it is outdated or you do not like anymore, if you want to switch from a static website to a dynamic, if you want a change from an HTML page to a Flash or vice versa, if you want to add new content or edit old ones, if you want to change graphics without affecting the contents, we at
– Established carries out:

– complete or partial restyling of your website
– restructure the contents
– Transform your site from flash html
– Reorganize the structure of your site
– Add and edit sections and pages.
Also we can create for you :
– Catalogs
– in 3d Catalogs browsable
– Multimedia Catalogs
– presentations
– Form Mail (modules for information or reservations)
– Custom logos
– Opening of mailboxes within the site
– Facebook Fan Page connected to the site.
– Incorporation of free preset chat